Chairity 2016


How it works

June 27th: 
It's time for Chairity!

Just like last year, the chairs have been randomly pulled from a hat and matched with firms. We'll send you a photo of your chair along with yardage requirements.


June 27th - July 25th: 
It's design time!

Do what you do best. Anything goes! Paint, stain, embellish, refinish, bedazzle, etc. your chair. Be creative & remember it’s for a good cause. During this time you will be able to visit Kay Chesterfield in Oakland, take a tour, select from fabrics and see your chair in person. Please contact Kay Chesterfield directly to set this up. They can also put you in touch with someone who can paint or refinish your chair for a small cost, if you would like to take that route. Hey, we're not judging.

July 25th:  
Time's up!

Pencils down. All your specs are due to Kay Chesterfield, so they can have plenty of time to work their magic. Remember they’re only doing the upholstery so plan accordingly.

July 25th - September 23rd:  
Reapholstering done by Kay Chesterfield.

Chair production is happening. After your chair is done, you will be contacted and anything else that needs to be done to it can happen at this point.

September 26th - October 13th:  

All of the chairs will be delivered to EQ3 for marketing and stage prep.

October 13th: 
Join us at the EQ3 showroom for the silent auction and celebration.

Here are the some of the ugly ducklings before their transformation...