Dropbox, NY

Case study for Dropbox in New York that has a description of the project involving two furnish and Studios Architecture.

When it came time to create a permanent home for Dropbox on West Sixth Avenue, the goal was to implement a solution that welcomed employees with a fresh start while bringing the brand’s authentic voice to life throughout the space.

Located in the Flatiron District, the space draws inspiration from its surrounding buildings and incorporates it into a unique strategy that highlights ancillary applications like the farmhouse style picnic bench.


Textural and acoustical elements throughout the conference rooms give Dropbox a space that is well thought out in every detail.

At the end of the day, we love the space. More importantly it provides Dropbox with a strong sense of home in New York City.

Dropbox, as a company and culture, is authentic through and through.

While the companies unprecedented success demands an element of seriousness, part of staying authentic means sticking to its startup roots. That’s a difficult balance to find and a challenge the project team was willing to take on.

Project Team:

Design Partner:

Studios Architecture


Thomas Story