Dropbox, SF

Case study for Dropbox in San Francisco that has a description of the project involving two furnish and ASD with Sky Design.

Dropbox, as a company and culture, is authentic through and through.

But while the company’s unprecedented success demands an element of seriousness, part of staying authentic means sticking to its startup roots. That’s a difficult balance to find, and a challenge the project team was willing to take on.

Because choice will always be a central theme to everything Dropbox does, we developed furniture solutions that give workers the autonomy to customize and control their environments.


But those flexible environments had to be couched within a culture that values design. So the shared spaces had to be comfortable and soft while remaining responsibly functional. Working closely with Dropbox and ASD, we collectively created a solution that combined the brand’s attributes with the company’s business requirements. The result was a creative, playful, and inspiring collection of pieces that reflects the Dropbox culture while giving workers a comfortable environment that’s functional as well as fun.


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Thomas Story