Case study for Headspace in LA that has a description of the project involving two furnish.

Headspace wanted to have their new LA headquarters to be a reflection of their brand and company values of kindness, creativity, and authenticity.

With a minimalist vision, we set off with the task to outfit the first space specifically designed for them. Challenge accepted!


We partnered with designer Kelly Robinson to furnish Headspace with one of a kind furniture and workplace solutions. Due to the hard architectural surfaces, the acoustic considerations for the space was something we needed to be mindful of. Many of the fits and finishes, as well as placement of furniture are all meant to dampen sound.

The result is a wide open floor plan that combines work areas and quiet zones for spontaneous meditation. 


Some of the furniture pieces are originals for the project. In particular, the meditation pods developed by Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu were designed for Headspace to provide a wonderfully functional and aesthetic space to meditate. 

Elements of nature adorn parts of the work space and create an element of tranquility.   

Designed with health and wellness in mind, many of the breakout spaces, lounges and meeting rooms, are located farther away from the kitchen and work stations to encourage more movement throughout the day.

Headspace is at the forefront of wellbeing in the workplace- a place where employees are happy, energized, and at peace in their surroundings. 

Are you jealous yet?


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