A furniture case study for Santen in San Francisco that has a description of the project involving two furnish and Kava Massih Architects.

Nestled inside a former warehouse is Santen, an Osaka Japan-based global ophthalmic and rheumatologic pharmaceutical company with locations in 19 different countries. Their new headquarters, located in Emeryville, CA, boasts 34,000 square feet of open office space.


Filling the space was no easy task – as there was a need to value engineer and re-use existing furniture – no easy feat blending old and new. Santen now makes use of 177 height adjustable workstations, a mix of informal communal areas, quiet rooms to host meetings and phone calls, and multiple café spaces where employees can socialize.

Our partner, Kava Massih Architects, masterfully made use of natural light through multiple skylights, and turned the lobby into a multifunctional space that doubles as an all-hands meeting space.


Project Team: