Case study for Stipe in San Francisco that has a description of the project involving two furnish and Boor Bridges Architecture.

Coding is, by nature, an introspective art form. And that’s the spirit Stripe wanted to capture in its new headquarters.

The vision was clear: design a space that let Stripe employees code however they wanted. From individual and laptop areas to community study tables, we helped Stripe create a friendly, residential environment that helps its coders work quietly and communally at the same time.


That versatility was at the heart of the furniture solutions we designed. Because collaboration had to meet introspection in a single space, we mixed desking and community work areas with residential pieces to give Stripe’s coders the freedom to work in different ways—whether that’s in groups or alone on their laptops. And with the bigger picture in mind and a handle on our lead times, we made sure that it was all installed on time while remaining true to the original vision.

The result is a space that’s both functional and comfortable, and one that we’re really proud of.

Project Team: