be·spoke /bəˈspōk/

Just the other day, I was putting together some ancillary furniture presentations and one of the description words that came up was Bespoke. It seems nowadays everything is called either bespoke or midcentury modern. If you search Craigslist furniture for sale, literally everything is labeled as one of those two words. I know that it means handcrafted & one of a kind but I felt like I need more info. So I googled it. I love google.  The best definition I found is “made to order”, which makes sense but the images I found to go along with Bespoke are incredible! I mean who wouldn’t want to design their own rug from rainbow sheep or pair of Nikes?

There is also this really cool website called Custom Made where you can commission a talented maker to create your own quality bespoke goods. Check 'em out!