ICFF 2016 Highlights

Last month the International Contemporary Furniture Fair hit the floors of the Javits Center in New York City, and the two team scoured them to find some of the best new furniture designs. Below are some of our top picks that stood out the most...

Swedish furniture company, Bla Station, showed their "Tronken" chair (below). It's everything you could ever want in a chair. A laptop table? Yep. USB port? Check. An ottoman and a cubby for all of your stuff? Absolutely. Bla Station's "Innovation C" (right) can be used as a work chair with a table surface, or turn yourself 90 degrees and it can become a lounge chair with back support. 

What do you get when you put together two sawhorses and a plank? Flexibility and functionality. The "Hyperion" desk by industrial designer, India Hillis, is sleek and sophisticated. The sawhorses can support a top of any width, which is kept in place with a solid piece of aluminum. Giddyup!

This "Pillowy Bench" by Vancouver-based Hinterland Design is part cushion, part wood, all genius. It can be used as a bench, but is flat enough for your coffee table needs. We like to think of it as a bench table. Or...bable. 

Hello, beautiful. We fell in love with this chair from the moment we laid eyes on it. We wouldn't expect anything less from a man who- before designing furniture- faked his own death on the French Riviera, renovated gilded-age hotels in Poland, and was questioned by the FBI over a misunderstood piece of performance art. These days, you can find Stefan Rurak woodworking his Brooklyn studio. 

Sitting is the new smoking, people. So get a "standing Height Fitness Desk"- Formed's solution to avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. Get in five pull-ups before a conference call. Or just "hang" around while you catch up on emails. 

Check out our team recap of the event here at issuu. 

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